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Zero Plastic Waste challenge – An easy way to reduce Plastic Waste

Awareness does not work, action does – Act now to reduce your plastic waste

Zero Plastic Waste

Plastic has crept into almost every imaginable product that we use on a daily basis – from face scrubs, food wraps and coffee cups to diapers, cutlery, and accessories. Recycling all this plastic is simply not an option but rather a necessity, considering the dire consequences of plastic accumulation in our environment, oceans, and landfills.

Girl with plastic wast at Juhu Beach Mumbai.
Pic credits – Ganesh Vanare

“A picture talks more than 1000 words.”


Just Check out this pic …!!!
This is not a photoshopped photo. a real one which took from  Juhu Beach Mumbai and went viral on social media with this caption
“The next generation might probably only have such photo backdrops.”
 truly so….

A personal note :

“It’s time to act… The plastic pollution problem is in plain sight. It affects us all.
I am inviting you all to take part in #ZeroPlasticWaste Challenge!
If you are ready to take the challenge,
Let me explain…

The #ZeroPlasticWaste Challenge!


First, find plastic products that you use on a daily basis and find an alternative to one by one.
Post photos of the plastic alternative that you found with #ZeroPlasticWaste tag. And don’t forget to pass on the challenge to your friends. We will feature your post on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Together we can…
Let’s also invite your friends also by sharing this on facebook and twitter.

Although eliminating plastic altogether from our lives can seem impossible, it is definitely possible to cut down its use.

The Story of Zero-Waste activist Lauren singer


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The Net Yogi (@thenetyogi) on

This is Lauren Singer, She runs a website (Trash Is For Tossers) where she gives tips and answers questions about living a zero-waste life. Part of her master plan: keeping track of every tiny bit of trash she accumulated in a single mason jar as way to keep track of her garbage footprint.

Want to know how she did this check out this video by vox.

Here are some great ways to rethink the use of single-use plastics.

1) Say ‘No’ to plastic shopping bags 

plastic bags fact

  • Always bring a reusable bag when I shop.
  • Switch to cloth bags or reuse plastic bags. Encourage your friends and neighbors to follow suit.
  • Request your local stores to offer small discounts to customers who bring their own bags.

2) Bottled water or juice isn’t fashionable. Stop buying it.

Man with waste plastic waste


  • Avoid plastic bottles maximum. Go refillable! Carry your own reusable bottle.
  • If the water you drink at home is fine, simple take some along when you go out.
  • Buy a pretty re-usable bottle or a sleek, stainless steel one and challenge others to do the same.
  • Most countries now feature plenty of locations where you can refill your bottle. Spread the word!
  • Fresh juice is always the best. Freshly squeeze your favorite fruits and store the juice in reusable bottles.

3) Paper coffee cups aren’t just paper. Its plastic lining can lead to health risks.


  • Get a nice mug and keep it in your workplace. Ask your friends to bring their mugs and set up a nice stand for the mugs.
  • Carry a thermos to your favorite coffee shop and ask them to fill it

4) Average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. Finding an alternative is a better idea!


  • Get your Chinese takeouts in cardboard boxes
  • Choose detergents that come in cardboard boxes
  • Get reusable bottles and refill liquid detergents at select refill stations.
  • Choose peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, ketchups and similar products that come in glass jars. Reuse these jars to store food.

5) Used plastic straws are piling up in our oceans. Stop using it.

plastic straws in sea
You really do not need straws to sip your favorite drinks. Using the straw is just a force of habit.
Straws are extremely difficult to recycle so most end up in landfills and oceans, where they can harm sea life and pollute our waterways.
.03% of ocean plastic comes from straws. 46 percent comes from fishing nets

  • Skip the straw. In most cases, you don’t need a straw. Tell your server, “no straw, please” when you order a drink.
  • Challenge your local pub to reduce their straw disposal. Suggest offering drinks without straws.
  • Try using reusable versions such as stainless steel or glass straws. Keep one handy in your bag at all times.

6) Skip products containing plastic micro beads

Being impossible to filter out, plastic microbeads used as exfoliators in face washes and toothpaste are slowly but surely finding its way into oceans.

  • End littering. Properly dispose of your own trash and pick up litter when you can.
  • Many leading brands now feature biodegradable exfoliators. Check the ingredient list before buying.
  • Both sugar and salt are excellent exfoliators. Use sugar in your face packs and salt in your toothpaste.
  • Try googling for DIY scrub packs.

7) Give up disposable razors

Are you really okay with adding 12-15 plastic razors to the waste pile every year?


  • Switch to a razor in which you need to replace just the blade.
  • If a trimmer will do, use it instead of reaching out for a disposable razor.

8) Disposable diapers/sanitary napkins are dispensable

Disposable diapers and sanitary napkins are forming mountains in landfills.

  • Return to cloth diapers for infants. Reusable ones are excellent options in the long run.
  • Many brands are now offering napkins made from biodegradable products such as bamboo fiber.
  • Switch to menstrual cups that can be reused for up to 10 years.

9) Avoid packed lunches in disposable plastic boxes/bags

Packed lunches are usually about plastic bags, plastic cutlery and disposable containers. Think of all the packaging you dispose of in a day when you buy a packed salad, a cup of fruit, a sandwich and a yogurt/pudding.

  • Buy reusable lunchboxes or containers.
  • Eat an entire fruit such as an apple or banana
  • Buy bulk packs of yogurt and take along a portion in reusable cups.
  • Carry along a spork so that you can say no to disposable cutlery.

10) Plastic containers of cleaning products contribute to environmental pollution

Think of all the plastic bottles of window cleaners, floor cleaners and toilet cleaners that you toss away every month. It can add up to substantial numbers every year.

  • Go online to discover how to make green cleaning solutions at home.
  • A little vinegar and baking soda can work wonders in cleaning.
  • If you really need to buy products, look for bottles that can be recycled.

11) Cut down purchases of frozen food

Ever noticed the multiple layers of packaging in frozen foods? All of that plastic is going to pollute our environment.


  • Whenever possible, purchase everything fresh – vegetables, fruits, meat and fish
  • Visit weekly farmers market and get your fruits and vegetables fresh in reusable containers
  • Eat fresh. Shop for meat only when you need it and buy just enough portions

12) Make fire without lighters

Most videos on plastic pollution include footage of birds washed ashore with bellies full of plastic waste – especially lighters. You don’t need to think twice about this one – stop buying plastic lighters.


  • Go back to those good old matchboxes of course!
  • Refillable metal lighters are also a good option

Get started on the plastic elimination mission today.
See? Reducing your ‘plastic’ footprint is easier than you imagine. Now challenge your friends to do the same. Do not wait for things to change, be the change!

Like to see your comments on this… So please drop your thoughts and suggestions as comments here.

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  1. Hi,I am vengadesh from karaikal.
    I don’t agree with your challenge of course a change from one person will impact the whole world or at least a small part of this world.The governments have to take a decision to end the making of plastics. W as a common people, have no control over it.
    Why no state head is talking about it?
    Why UN is lazy on it?
    Why the administration is charging & taxing common man on higher Micron criteria, whilst what’s needed is a total ban on plastic!

    • Hi Raman,

      Yes, you are true that Government and organizations like UN need to come forward.
      As you also know A total ban on plastic is not possible for now. the only way, in my opinion, is to reduce its use.
      For that, we need challenges like this….

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