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Whatsapp trick to read messages without letting the sender know

Whatsapp trick

Have you ever been in that awkward moment where a friend of yours have felt ignored just because you couldn’t reply to his WhatsApp messages? Or that time when you wanted to read a message but did not want to reply nor let the sender know you read it? Well, there are ways you can avoid such situations on the most used instant-messaging app. By following this Whatsapp trick let you read a WhatsApp message without letting the sender know.

Don’t be because WhatsApp displays time of message if it had been read by a receiver on the sender’s screen. Of course, there must be some reasons behind why would you not let your senders know that you have actually read their messages. Everyone keeps secrets and sometimes it is better for secrets to remain secrets. And of course, the message seen feature forces us to reply to the message. Many people like this message ‘seen‘ feature but some of them didn’t. Whare gray tick will turn into bluetick. If you are one those who don’t like this message seen feature of WhatsApp then here are the 5 tricks to read WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know it.

One of the most prominent of these being the WhatsApp Blue Tick feature. The advantage of the ‘Blue Tick’ feature is that a user will know whether the receiver has read the message or not, however, at the same time, if you don’t reply to the sender right away, he/she might feel awkward or ignored, which can turn out to be a huge disadvantage of this feature.
But worry not, here at The Net Yogi we are going to list five ways through which you can stop WhatsApp from telling a friend that you’ve read their message or not, and to stop the two blue ticks right in their tracks.

5 Ways To Read WhatsApp Messages without letting Sender know

Use WhatsApp Widget


Just like every major app, WhatsApp also offers the widget option which can be used on the home screen of Android smartphones in order to see notifications/message without even opening the app. Reading all the messages from widget placed on the home screen will prevent blue ticks to appear on senders’ chat.

You should note that ‘WhatsApp Blue Ticks’ are only visible if the receiver opens up the app to read a text or see the receive media content.

Drag down the Notification Bar

Almost everyone drags down the notification bar to see who has sent them a WhatsApp message but doing so, a user can easily have a peek at the message body as well, which can reveal either partial or complete message without opening the app. if many messages are received this method will not work! Try some other method mentioned here then.

Use WhatsApp in Airplane Mode

Don’t open WhatsApp just after you have received a notification rather drag down the notification bar or open settings to enable the airplane mode first. This will turn off your WiFi or mobile data connection, and then you will be able to open WhatsApp offline. After reading the messages close the app and disable the airplane mode.

Disable Read Receipts

Disabling read receipts is one of the most authentic as well as straightforward ways which you opt for if you don’t want to let a sender know if you are actually reading the messages. However, you will also not be able to know if someone has read your messages.

Note: But on the other hand you will also not be able to know whether someone has read your messages or not.

You can disable read receipt on WhatsApp by following these steps:

Go to WhatsApp and Settings
Tap on Accounts → Privacy
Scroll down to untick Read receipts
All set… 🙂

WhatsApp Pop-ups

WhatsApp Pop-ups was once a great feature that almost everyone used earlier, however, many have forgotten that the feature still exists which can be used see popup notification along with message notifications. In order to enable WhatsApp Pop-ups,

  • You can head over app settings and select Notifications → Pop-up Notification
  • Look for Message Notifications and tap on it and select anyone from the options:
  • Only when screen “off”
  • Always show pop-up
  • Only when screen “on”

whatsapp popup

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